Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The Dario® Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the original, all-in-one smart glucose meter. It syncs with the acclaimed Dario Smart Diabetes Management app to measure, record and track blood glucose levels. In addition, the app records carbs intake, insulin medication, and physical activity. Available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play Store, our user-friendly mobile app is known for its accuracy and ease-of-use. MyDario is accessible with affordable pricing models, including subscription plans. Our pricing is often in line with current co-payments and sometimes it may even be less than current out of pocket costs. In addition, many of our customers in the United States get coverage through their FSA/HSA plans or with our 3rd party healthcare integrations.

Why Dario


Sleek, pocket-sized all-in-one smart glucose meter  


Automatically records every blood glucose measurement with 100% real time data capture  


Built-in GPS location for emergency hypo alert 24/7 insights & practical guidance  


Easily share results with loved ones and your healthcare team  


Track activity and easily count carbs with our 500,000 food catalog  
DarioHealth has received regulatory clearance in many international markets, including the U.S., Canada, E.U., and Australia.If you would like to become an official, licensed reseller, please contact us now and let our journey begin!