Dario Intelligence

With 100% data capture, DarioHealth sits on a massive reservoir of data. Understanding this, DarioHealth has built Dario Intelligence to transform big data and build predictive models and AI (artificial intelligence) to meet the demands of intelligence-driven healthcare providers in the 21st century.

This opens up unrivaled opportunities in the chronic disease management arena, and leveraging DarioHealth’s cloud-based data capturing platform and big data analytics, researchers, EMRs (Electronic Medical Record), and technology innovators can finally harness the power for real-time and predictive-based health solutions.

Why Dario Intelligence?

Data Collection

Real-time, cloud data collections and aggregation  


Dario big data analytics solution  


Data discovery and analysis  


Predictive models and AI driven insights  
Medical practitioners and researchers also use Dario to automate reporting of their clinical studies, with 100% accuracy, and near zero time. Contact us now to discuss the possibilities and let our journey begin!