Improve patient care and
compliance with advanced
digital therapeutics
Dario® provides evidence-based, personalized digital
therapeutics that enable you to connect with your patients when
they need it the most. Real-time interventions and progressive
monitoring enable clinicians to better facilitate clinical decisions
to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.

An end-to-end
solution to transform
chronic condition

Dario provides a comprehensive management system that supports patients to self-manage and take better control of their chronic condition. The solution consists of a compact all-in-one glucose meter, a Dario blood pressure monitoring system, a smart mobile application, and one-on-one coaching support – all integrated to form an intuitive, personalized, self-managed and user-centric ecosystem.

Approximately 45% of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease.)
Boost patient compliance with a user-centered digital therapeutics platform that truly engages.


Transform treatment of chronic conditions through the power of evidence-based digital therapeutics engagement

The Dario Engage™ Platform simplifies and personalizes chronic condition management. The advanced data-driven platform provides full coverage healthcare solutions easily customized to integrate with any clinical programs covering diabetes, prediabetes and hypertension management and care. Engage reshapes service to meet the needs of your patients, manage risk, and reduce the stress on clinic workload, enabling clinicians to make informed decisions with fast and secure access to crucial patient information.

Monitor chronic conditions

View patient data quickly and easily to give the optimal intervention. Dario Engage can help you schedule checkups more efficiently so that you can manage more patients at once.

Digitally engage with users

Configure automated messages to send your patients based on specific triggers such as increasing “out-of-range” blood glucose measurements.

Get real-time patient alerts

Choose to get notification alerts of sudden changes in your patient’s condition so you can respond as required.

Provide coaching and support

If patient engagement drops off, or the patient experiences ongoing problems, Dario will alert you so that you may communicate to offer guidance.

Track trends and analyze patterns

Use real-time data to gain insights and identify trends, patient adherence patterns and advise the patient of the best course of action.

Get the big picture

View extensive statistics regarding your entire patient population, or filter by sub-segment or individual. Get accurate financial measurements on user engagement, supply utilization, clinical outcomes, and much more.


Digital, Personal


Traditional, Generic








Adapted data & AI/ML technology


Dario brings proven
clinical results

Reduction in average
ratio of high blood glucose events
Study of 17,156 active users with type 2 diabetes1
Reduction in
estimated A1C
High-risk patients using the Dario system for
9 months2
Of users experienced
a reduction in average blood glucose level after one year3


solutions work

Accurate readings within ±15% of the medical laboratory values4
Reduction in severe
hyperglycemia events (>400 mg/dL)
Out of 225 active users with type 2 diabetes5
Glycemic variability reduced
From baseline after 6 months in
698 high-risk patients with
type 2 diabetes6

Dario is fully compliant with privacy regulations in the countries
where it is sold, including Europe and the U.S. (HIPAA)

Provide better service in less time and at lower
cost with Dario Engage. Contact us now to discuss how.

  1. Continuously using the system at least once a month for a period of at least two months. Exploratory Data presented at ADA 2018.
  2. A retrospective evaluation looking at 276 highly-engaged users with a baseline A1c greater than 8, 9 and 10 percent. Exploratory Data presented at ADA 2017.
  3. Out of 238 highly engaged users with type 2 diabetes using the system for a year. Exploratory Data presented at ADA 2018.
  4. Method comparison User Evaluation for Dario Blood Glucose monitoring system” (BGMS) under PI Satish K. Garg, MD Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes University of Colorado Denver
    1775 Aurora Court, Room M20-1323 Aurora, CO 80045, 510K K163159
  5. Decrease in High Readings and Severe Hyperglycemic Events for People with T2D over the Full Year of 2017 in Users Monitoring with a Digital Diabetes Management System”, ADA 2018 77-LB
  6. Decrease in glycemic variability for T2D over six months in patients monitoring with a digital Diabetes management system, ATTD 2019

Provide better service in less time
and at lower cost with Dario Engage

Contact us now to discuss how

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Provide better service in
less time and at lower cost
with Dario Engage

Contact us now to discuss how

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