A Modern Approach
to Employee Health
Employee health plays an important role in the success of your
business, and investing in the health of your workforce can help
boost morale, increase productivity, increase loyalty and help
reduce absenteeism. Join the forward-thinking employers utilizing
innovation in digital therapeutics to align health benefits with the
demands of the modern workforce.

The Dario Solution

With tens of thousands of active users worldwide and proven
clinical outcomes, Dario provides a digital therapeutics solution
that revolutionizes the way people manage their condition.

The solution delivers evidence-based, digital therapeutic
interventions that seamlessly integrate to provide comprehensive
disease management. Engaging in the Dario solution empowers
employees to take control and self-manage their condition by
providing the tools, technology, data and support they need to
manage their health every day.

Approximately 45% of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease.)

Improving the health of your workforce

Dario provides companies with a comprehensive chronic condition management solution that gently instructs,
encourages, and empowers employees to self-manage and take control of their health.
The solution consists of a state-of-the-art glucose monitor, a Dario Bluetooth® blood pressure monitor,
an acclaimed mobile application, and professional diabetes coaching – all integrated to form an intuitive,
self-managed and user-centric ecosystem.

Dario helps both employers and

employees achieve their goals

Dario brings proven
clinical results

Reduction in average
ratio of high blood glucose events
Study of 17,156 active users with type 2 diabetes
Reduction in
estimated A1C
High-risk patients using the Dario system for
9 months
Of users experienced
a reduction in average blood glucose level after one year


solutions work

Accurate readings within ±15% of the medical laboratory values
Reduction in severe
hyperglycemia events
Out of 225 active users with type 2 diabetes
Glycemic variability
From baseline after 6 months in
698 high-risk patients with
type 2 diabetes

Provide better service in less time
and at lower cost with Dario Engage

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Provide better service in
less time and at lower cost
with Dario Engage

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